(NEW!) The Social Funnel - Automated Sales Funnel - HQ PDF download

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How to use A.I. and Automation to create a Constant, Predictable and Scalable pipeline for your business:

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Artificial intelligence is all the rage these days.

But how can you use it to actually generate more leads for your business.

This PDF tutorial will give you the step by step checklist on how to automate a lead funnel to convert your social media audience into customers.

This is a high-resolution pdf where you can fully zoom in to read all the text and everything.

How does it work?

  1. Pay what you want (or enter $0 to download for free!)
  2. Download the PDF
  3. Use your newly acquired information to make $$$.

What's included in the Social Funnel PDF?

  • Content Creation Tips - Strategy and Call to Actions
  • DM Automation - Auto nurture leads with DMs
  • Email Marketing Tools - Automated follow up sequences
  • Funnel Builder - How to push qualified leads to book on your calendar

If you have any questions, please email me at ross@siteright.co or DM me on Instagram

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(NEW!) The Social Funnel - Automated Sales Funnel - HQ PDF download

8 ratings